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  1. Thank you for sharing your photos and discoveries from your world trip. I am filled with admiration for how you have put this website together, especially the photos which have been stitched together – must find out how to do that. I love travelling and archaeology and it’s lovely to be able to enjoy both vicariously through your photos and script. I also drag my husband around anything remotely archaeological whenever we are on holiday

    • Stitching photos is easy! If you have a Canon camera, you will find that a stitch programme is provided on the CD-ROM that comes with the camera. I think you may find other camera manufacturers also provides similar programs on their accompanying CDs.

      Alternatively there is a very good stitching program on Photoshop Elements. It is called photomerge and you will find it hidden away under files/new — it is very good, if a little difficult to use.

      Good luck!

  2. Hi, I have a couple of stones that were left to me, I have tried to research them via various international museums, as well as the British Museum, and all they can tell me is that they are not commercial object, they are unique, and are either pre-mesecalan or polyneasian, I would really like to know what they are and where they are from, they are 28cm high and weigh around 2-3Kg each and have carved eyes, and one has an elongated head that leans backwards. I can forward pics via email to anyone who may be able to help me in discovering their origins

  3. We were in Easter Island on February 15th to February 17th of 2013 and we stayed at the Hangar Roa. Nico was our guide. We were very happy with the tour, the hotel and especially our guide.

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